Ductless Mini-Splits in Arlington Heights, ILYou could benefit from a ductless mini-split in Arlington Heights, IL, even if you already own a central air conditioner. A split AC unit cools a single room, but this could be just what you need. For example, we know of many homeowners who want their attic spaces or outbuildings cooled. Others, after a room addition project, decide not to extend their ductwork into that room. Still others install multiple mini-splits for their historic homes, which can’t support ductwork.

    Arlington Heights Ductless Mini-Split Overview

    A mini-split is a heat pump, so what it does in cooling mode is transfer heat from your home to the inside. The air handler, which you mount on the wall, absorbs the heat. Then, the refrigerant inside that system travels through some piping to the compressor, which is located outside, to release the heat. Each of the components is easy to install, but the air handler in particular is a sleek, compact device that you won’t have any trouble finding a place for.

    Note that you can connect up to eight air handlers to a single compressor, which means you could possibly use mini-splits as an alternative to central AC. Though the compressor is bulky, you can put it in an out-of-the-way place because it can be separated by as much as 50 feet from the air handlers.

    There are some main benefits, though, of owning a ductless mini-split in Arlington:
    • Great energy efficiency
    • A long life span
    • Multiple temperature zones
    • Directional airflow
    • Remote access to temperature controls

    Mini-splits won’t lose any of the cool air they produce, unlike central ACs with hole-ridden ducts. Moreover, you can use the directional airflow feature to aim that air straight onto you rather than onto the walls or ceiling. Mini-splits are known for operating quietly. Their life spans, however, depend on how well you maintain them, but you could get a maximum of 30 years out of them.

    Best of all is the possibility of multi-zone cooling. Each air handler comes with a thermostat so every occupant in your home could have the temperature he or she desires.

    Arlington Heights Split AC Unit

    Arlington Heights Split AC Unit

    CSL Climate Control Company has installed many a split AC unit for the residents of Arlington Heights. Our team of NATE-certified technicians undergoes continual training. Altogether, we boast around 180 years of experience, and it should come as no surprise that we also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We provide a 10-year parts warranty on new installations.

    To schedule a convenient appointment for a ductless mini-split in Arlington Heights, simply call CSL Climate Control Company today!

    We also offer ductless mini-splits in Wheeling, Schaumburg, Buffalo Grove, and Lake Zurich.