In Arlington Heights, IL, CSL Climate Control is a professional heating and cooling company with a great reputation. We serve both residents and businesses while catering to their heating and cooling needs. If you’re also searching for a top-notch AC company, look no further than us. We have over 179 years of combined experience since our establishment, and you can benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hiring a professional HVAC service provider like us offers the following benefits.

    Heating and Cooling Repairs in Arlington Heights

    When the weather gets cold, your comfort and well-being rely on your heating system.

    If the system fails to function well, you’ll notice the following signs:
    • Strange noises
    • High energy bills
    • Frequent cycling on and off
    • Uneven heating in the home

    Hire a heating company like ours to repair your heating system to avoid these issues.

    Our Arlington Heights HVAC Repair Services:

  • AC Repairs
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Additionally, when temperatures rise during summer, you may run your AC much of the time. However, if it shows signs of distress, you’ll most likely need repair services. You shouldn’t ignore things like foul odors and weak airflow from your AC.

    Having a professional come over to repair your heating and AC systems can help avoid potentially dangerous situations. Your AC unit can pick up pollutants and dust and recirculate them indoors. Our certified technicians will inspect your AC unit and detect any issues hindering optimal functionality, and we can do the same thing for your furnace. We provide effective repairs that can help you avoid future incidences that will have you seeking a heating or AC company more frequently.

    Expert HVAC Installation Solutions in Arlington Heights

    When you rely on our professional AC company, our technicians will assess the system and determine whether it needs repairs or replacement. One instance that requires a professional’s attention is when your AC struggles to distribute cool air evenly in your house. This inconsistency may result from problematic ductwork, obstructed vents, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Our technicians will reset or replace a problematic thermostat and resolve any other issue.

    You might need our installation service if your AC has exceeded its useful life. Moreover, if your AC or heating system requires frequent repairs, it’s important to consider looking into a replacement. If your system breaks down regularly, it becomes inefficient and can cause significant energy wastage. You may also consider a system replacement to help boost your home’s resale value.

    Our Arlington Heights HVAC Installation and Replacement Services:

  • AC installation
  • Furnace installation
  • High-Quality Cooling and Heating Maintenance Services

    Hiring a professional for your heating and cooling systems maintenance gives you access to quality services. Regular maintenance is crucial for maintaining comfortable temperatures in your house regardless of the weather conditions. Air conditioner maintenance from our reputable AC company helps ensure proper ventilation and humidity level control, protecting your furniture and other sensitive items from mold growth.

    Our Arlington Heights HVAC Maintenance Services:

  • AC maintenance and tune-ups
  • Furnace maintenance and tune-ups
  • Experts recommend servicing your AC and furnace at least twice yearly. AC fins, coils, and filters require regular maintenance to function efficiently. It’s best to schedule routine cleaning and filter replacements with a professional HVAC company like ours. We have the knowledge and experience for quality service delivery. Regular maintenance will help ensure the longevity of your heating and cooling system.

    Contact CSL Climate Control Company when you need a professional AC and heating company for efficient services in Arlington Heights.