The Ventilation Experts

The Ventilation Experts in WheelingAdding a ventilation system to your home is helpful for several reasons and CSL Climate Control Company is the team to turn to when you want complete ventilation services. It keeps the air in your home fresh by reducing harmful allergens or contaminants and promotes proper moisture levels. Whether you need heat recovery ventilation (HRV) or energy recovery ventilation (ERV), our team is skilled at helping customers like you make the right decision for your home.

The benefits of ventilation systems:
  • Improves health by reducing pollutants
  • Eliminates odors
  • Reduces extra moisture
  • Allows fresh air to enter your home

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Central cooling and heating systems are designed to deliver fresh air into all your rooms. For rooms with higher humidity levels, an HRV can remove the unpleasant air and deliver fresh air into rooms where you spend most of your time. These systems help to ensure the air coming into your home is cooled during the summer and heated during the winter leaving you feeling comfortable year-round.

Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems

An ERV is ideal for climates with dry, cold winters as well as areas with hot, humid summers. ERVs work similar to HRVs, the difference is that an ERV will keep some of the air’s moisture in your home. To do this, it takes in outdoor air during the summer and uses the indoor air in the winter. ERVs can also lower your energy usage because your air conditioning unit will run less because of the lower moisture output. Oftentimes, pairing a dehumidifier with your ventilation system could increase the benefits for your family.

Deliver Fresh Air into Your House

Consider these items when choosing between an HRV or an ERV:
  • The seasonal climate for your area
  • The size of your household
  • Number of people in your home
  • Your family’s needs and health benefits

Why Homeowners Choose Us

Our success is based on delivering timely, accurate ventilation services. We make sure our customers are satisfied with our workmanship and will educate you to ensure you are making the best decision. We want you to enjoy the full comfort of your heating and cooling unit with a professionally installed venting system. At CSL Climate Control Company, delivering excellence is our team’s top priority.

We also offer ventilation services in Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, and Schaumburg.