Without a fresh air ventilation system in Buffalo Grove, IL, the air inside of climate-controlled houses can quickly become unhealthy. Despite that, plenty of homeowners don’t really know much about home ventilation options and their benefits. Here, at CSL Climate Control Company, we can help with that. We offer homeowners comprehensive ventilation solutions that can reduce harmful substances in their indoor air without harming their house’s energy efficiency.

    Fresh Air Ventilation Systems in Buffalo Grove, IL

    Effective Fresh Air Ventilation System

    When most people think of ventilation systems, they think of simple fans that bring fresh air inside and exhaust stale air to the outdoors. And years ago, those were the only option. The trouble is, such systems are quite inefficient because they work against a property’s HVAC system by wasting conditioned air. Fortunately, the latest ventilation technology solves that problem.

    Today, there are two new types of home ventilation systems available. The first, called heat recovery ventilation (HRV), uses already conditioned exhaust air to heat or cool incoming fresh air to minimize energy loss. And the second, known as energy recovery ventilation (ERV), works similarly, except that it also works to stabilize the humidity levels inside a house. That way, existing HVAC systems won’t have to work as hard to remove extra humidity from the incoming fresh air stream.

    Choosing between the two system types comes down to a handful of factors:
    • The size of your home
    • The number of occupants
    • The needs of your family
    • The climate

    By choosing the right ventilation system for your household, your family members will breathe cleaner, fresher air without increasing your energy bills. That’s because adding ventilation to your home can reduce allergens, pollutants, and harmful chemicals that linger in your indoor air.

    Effective Fresh Air Ventilation System

    Buffalo Grove’s Home Ventilation Specialists

    Our experts at CSL Climate Control Company are your go-to source for ventilation systems for your home. Our certified installers have the skills and knowledge necessary to retrofit your existing HVAC system to include the latest in ventilation technology. It’s one of the reasons that we’re an industry leader in the Buffalo Grove area.

    But those aren’t the only reasons you should trust us to install a fresh air ventilation system in your house. We also offer a 10-year warranty on parts for every new installation, so you know we’ll be there to serve you for the life of your unit. And our commitment to customer service is second to none. To experience it for yourself, stop by our office, and we’ll show you why our team can’t be beaten thanks to our friendly, reliable service.

    If you’re ready to add a fresh air ventilation system in Buffalo Grove, contact CSL Climate Control Company today, and we’ll get started on designing the right solution for you!

    We also offer ventilation in Arlington Heights, Lake Zurich, Schaumburg, and Wheeling.