Small Duct High Velocity

SpacePak HouseSpacePak makes it possible to install central heating and cooling in any home or small business; regardless of structure design, age, size or type of construction. SpacePak is an air distribution system which uses a principle known as aspiration – as the air stream enters the room, it creates a gentle mixing of air in the room to provide thorough, comfortable draft-free air circulation. SpacePak eliminates stratification with a minimum floor-to-ceiling temperature difference. Below is a list of climate control products offered by SpacePak with a brief overview of capabilities and features. Also listed is any related literature. Click on the titles for more information (where available) or download the appropriate literature.

High Velocity Air Handlers

  • Multiple configurations for all types and size applications including R410A, heat pumps and hydronic coils.
  • Fully insulated and durable “E-Coat” finished cabinet for ultra quiet operation and superior longevity.
  • Low-profile horizontal or vertical design for application flexibility. Fits in tight spaces including attics, basements, closets, crawl-spaces and garages.

Chiller Series Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps

Chiller Series heat pumps work similar to conventional heat pumps by circulating refrigerant, which vaporizes at a low temperature in its enclosed evaporator producing additional energy in the process. Further concentration of the conditioned warm vapor occurs in SpacePak’s dual programmable compressor raising it to a temperature where it can be circulated through a matching SpacePak WCSP air handler for distribution to the occupied space.

Chiller Series Reverse Cycle Heat Pump

  • Dual Programmable Compressor
  • Simple Piping & Pumping
  • Easily Zoned
  • 30% larger condenser coil than traditional units
  • Self Diagnostic Control – Factory Programmed
  • Low AMP requirements
  • Simplified installation & ease of service
  • Quiet Operation – “Soft Start” package standard
  • Highest R-410A COP and EER
  • No Refrigerant Handling
  • Refrigerant stay outside the building
  • Low ambient antifreeze protection

SpacePak Heating Products

SpacePak Heating ProductsThermaPak® High Efficiency, Compact Gas-Burning Condensing Boiler

  • Ultra high efficient packaged boiler and domestic water heater combination unit.
  • 93% Certified operating efficiency with full 5:1 operating modulation insures optimal efficiency at all heating requirements.
  • Sizing versatility for all applications from ranging 30,000 – 160,000 BTUs.
  • Over 4 GPM of semi-instantaneous domestic hot water.
  • European space-saving wall-hung design.
  • Environmentally friendly – low emissions

Heating Options

Heating Options with SpacePakWaterPak Hydronic Coils

  • High Output 4 Row Coils
  • Custom-fit design for seamless installation on SpacePak air handlers
  • Perfect complement to ThermaPak boilers

ElectriPak Integral Electronic Heat Modules

  • ETL approved design
  • Fully modulating efficient operation
  • Custom-fit design for seamless installation on SpacePak air handlers

Electric Duct Heaters

  • UL approved design
  • Cost-effective supplementary heat source
  • Perfect complement to homes with radiant floor heating
  • Custom-fit design for seamless installation in SpacePak main supply duct-work