Mini-Split Air Conditioners in Buffalo Grove, ILWhether you already own central AC or not, you could do with a mini-split air conditioner in Buffalo Grove, IL. Those who add a room to their homes install a split AC unit as a hassle-free alternative to installing more ductwork, and others might consider this system for an outbuilding like a tool shed. The owners of historic homes, which can’t support ductwork, often have recourse to mini-splits.

    For those who don’t know how mini-splits work, they’re basically heat pumps without the ducts. This means they both cool and heat based on where they’re absorbing heat from and where they’re releasing it. In cooling mode, the air handler inside absorbs heat, and this travels through the refrigerant line to the compressor outside to be released. Mini-splits have the ability to cool one room only, but you could install up to eight air handlers with one single compressor.

    Mini-Split Air Conditioner Benefits

    One thing that may dismay the residents of Buffalo Grove is the rather high up-front cost of a split AC unit.

    But concerns about pricing can be reduced once you know what the benefits are:
    • Quiet, energy-efficient performance
    • Durability and long life expectancy
    • Features like directional airflow
    • The ability to create temperature zones

    You could cut down your monthly bill by as much as 30% with mini-splits instead of central ACs. This is because mini-splits don’t have ducts through which the air could escape; they blow all the air into your room. Directional airflow ensures that the air doesn’t blow unnecessarily up onto the ceiling or to the walls. While the average ducted heat pump lasts 15 to 20 years, a mini-split system lasts 30 years when professionally maintained each year.

    Multi-zone cooling is one attractive feature for many homeowners in Buffalo Grove. Every room with a mini-split can have its own temperature based on the comfort level of that room’s occupant. And when no one is inside that room, simply shut off the system for more energy savings. By contrast, a central AC must cool your entire home at one single temperature regardless of how many people are in at a given time.

    Buffalo Grove Split AC Unit

    Buffalo Grove Split AC Unit

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