What Makes Ductless Mini-Splits Worth the Money

July 24, 2023
HVAC services

For a long time, homeowners here in Wheeling, IL had a limited set of options for cooling their homes. They could either install a central air conditioning system or make do with window units. And if your home didn’t have preinstalled ductwork, installing central AC could be prohibitively expensive. Today, though, ductless mini-splits provide a new option for residential cooling. However, they’re a little more expensive than a traditional central AC system. Here’s why they’re worth every penny.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

Central AC systems use in-wall ductwork to carry cooled air throughout your home. Experts estimate that central AC systems waste up to 30% of the energy they consume via ductwork losses. A ductless mini-split avoids this by using individual air handlers installed in each room you want to cool. Therefore, a ductless mini-split system cools your home with less energy waste, leading to lower cooling costs.

Precision Temperature Control

Ductless mini-splits also give you much better control of the temperature in your home. This is because each air handler in a mini-split system has its own temperature controls. That means each occupant in your home can set the temperature in the room they’re in according to their comfort preferences. You can even turn off the AC in rooms you’re not using to save even more money on your cooling costs.

Improved Air Quality

Ductless mini-split systems also improve indoor air quality in homes that use them. Part of the reason is the lack of ductwork which can carry pollutants, dust, and allergens between rooms. Another is that each air handler in a mini-split system contains a washable air filter, providing more opportunities to capture pollutants than you’d get with a traditional central AC system.

Trust the Mini-Split Experts

CSL Climate Control Company offers expert HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services in and around Wheeling. We specialize in ductless mini-split systems and offer indoor air quality and commercial solutions. If you’d like to find out if a ductless mini-split is a good choice for your Wheeling home, contact the experts at CSL Climate Control Company today!

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