What Happens During an HVAC Maintenance Service?

March 17, 2023
Licensed HVAC Contractor in Wheeling, IL

Keeping up with your home’s HVAC maintenance is essential to keeping your system in top condition. Without proper care, these systems can suffer from wear and tear, reducing efficiency and potentially leading to costly repairs. So what exactly happens during an annual or semi-annual HVAC maintenance appointment?

1. Filter Changes

Filters help keep dust and dirt out of the interior components while allowing air to flow freely. As such, filter changes need to be done regularly. Most experts recommend changing them every three months to ensure optimal performance. If you have pets or allergies in your home, then you may need to change them more frequently. It’s worth noting that different types of filters are available depending on your specific needs. If you aren’t sure which kind would be best for you, consult a trained technician who can guide you in the right direction.

2. Thermostat Setting Assessment

Proper assessment and adjustment of the thermostat will ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently while keeping your living or working space comfortable. During regular maintenance, technicians will use specialized devices to check air temperature and conditioned airflow. They can then determine if any adjustments need to be made to reach new levels for more comfortable temperatures and better energy savings.

3. Electrical Connection Check

Regularly checking the electrical connections of HVAC systems can identify potentially hazardous conditions before they become severe and require costly repairs. Our technicians can tighten any loose connections to protect the system’s longevity. Proper electrical connections also promote consistent performance, allowing HVAC systems to function optimally and reduce energy consumption.

Rely on the Professionals

It pays to be proactive with HVAC equipment. Regular maintenance can save you from expensive emergencies down the road and grants you greater peace of mind that your energy bills won’t skyrocket due to poorly maintained equipment. If you’re looking for professionals specializing in quality upkeep and repair of HVAC systems, look no further than CSL Climate Control Company.

Our dedicated and highly trained technicians provide comprehensive heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services in Wheeling, IL, and the surrounding areas. We are available 24/7 for emergency service. We work with all types of systems, including heat pumps, radiant heating, boilers, and mini-splits. Contact CSL Climate Control Company today for exceptional HVAC and indoor air quality services.

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