CSL Climate Control Company HVAC company serving Skokie, IL is the place to go for furnace repair services in Skokie, IL. Our team of expert HVAC technicians has the qualifications to work on furnaces of all makes and models. Whether your furnace isn’t turning on or it’s making a noise you can’t identify, we can help.

    Whatever your issue, we’ll identify the source of the problem and offer you a solution. And we’ll always keep your best interests in mind. That means you can expect any heating repair we perform to last, or we won’t do it at all. So, when your furnace starts showing signs of a malfunction, don’t wait. Call us immediately, and we’ll get right to work.

    Expert Furnace Repair in Skokie

    If you own a gas or electric furnace, there’s a good chance you chose it for its reliability. However, even though furnaces don’t break down often, they do occasionally need repairs. If you’re able to spot the signs of furnace trouble early, you can often avoid costlier repairs. One of the best ways to monitor your furnace’s health is to pay attention to your energy bills. Often, when a part of your furnace malfunctions, it will produce a spike in its energy use. This may happen even if your furnace still appears to function normally.

    However, modern furnaces provide efficient operation, and it’s not normal to see a sudden efficiency drop. This can be a sign of a problem with your furnace’s burner or an air leak in your home’s ductwork. In the latter case, you may also notice a decrease in the airflow coming from your home’s vents.

    There are a variety of warning signs that may indicate the need for furnace repair services.
    • Odd sounds or smells
    • Yellow burner flame
    • Poor or worsening air quality
    • Lack of adequate heat
    • Difficulty starting
    • Presence of carbon monoxide

    If your home’s carbon monoxide detector starts going off, your home’s furnace may be to blame. Carbon monoxide is the natural byproduct of the combustion process in your furnace. However, your furnace should vent carbon monoxide safely out of your home while it runs. Unfortunately, older furnaces can sometimes suffer enough wear and tear to allow the deadly gas to escape.

    Often, this is the result of damage to your furnace’s flue. That’s the pipe that vents your furnace’s combustion byproducts to the outdoors. If that pipe cracks or corrodes, it may allow carbon monoxide to escape. Or, your furnace may have a crack in its heat exchanger. When this happens, carbon monoxide could vent into your home before reaching your furnace flue.

    In either case, you should take action immediately. First, turn off your furnace. Then, call us for an immediate heating repair appointment. We’ll check your furnace for safety and make repairs as necessary.

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    Quality Heating Repair Services

    For almost 20 years, CSL Climate Control Company has been the premier heating repair company in Skokie. Our team of HVAC technicians is NATE certified, so they’re the best in the business. Plus, we’re a proud member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. That means we adhere to the highest standards for service quality, workmanship, and value. We’re also licensed, bonded, and insured, so you never need to worry about your home or property while we work.

    We offer 24/7 emergency furnace repair services, too, which means you never need to go without heat for long. And we’re Better Business Bureau-accredited with an A+ rating as well. All of those things are reasons why we have a long list of satisfied customers who leave us five-star reviews.

    If you need professional furnace repair services in Skokie, call the experts at CSL Climate Control Company, day or night!