Things to Do During an Emergency Furnace Repair

December 20, 2022
Furnace Repair In Wheeling, IL

If your furnace breaks down and you need a repair done in the middle of winter, you’ll understandably have worries about staying warm. First things first: Don’t panic. You can do a few things to stay safe and comfortable until the repair technician can make it out to your house.

Call a Professional

First, make sure to set up an appointment as soon as possible. Furnace repairs can get complicated, and it’s critical that you have a professional, experienced HVAC technician come out and assess your unit. This professional will know how to diagnose your furnace, and they can advise you on what preventative actions you can take to avoid needing additional repairs in the future. At CSL Climate Control Company, we are available 24/7 for emergency services throughout the Wheeling area.

Put on Layers of Warm Clothes

If your furnace is down for an extended period, you should have plenty of warm clothes to keep you and your family warm while you’re waiting for help to arrive. Be sure to wear layers; if you get too warm, simply remove a layer or two.

Eat Hot Food and Drinks

Stay hydrated and full. Now’s the time to fire up the coffee pot or make hot tea or chocolate. Eat soups or other hot meals.

Stay Inside

It will be cold inside your home without a working furnace, but it will be even colder outside. As uncomfortable as it will be inside your home, stay inside until the repair technician arrives.

Use a Space Heater if You Have One

While not an ideal, long-term solution for keeping your whole house warm, a space heater can work in an emergency. You’ll only be able to heat up one room of your home, but you and your family will stay warm until the technician arrives.

Contact us at CSL Climate Control Company to set up an appointment with one of our experienced HVAC technicians. We not only provide emergency furnace repair and other heating services, but we can also service your air conditioner. We also offer indoor air quality solutions.

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