Are You Worried That Your AC Is Making Noises? Discover the Reasons

January 9, 2024
AC Noises in Wheeling, IL

An air conditioner helps cool off hot air during the scorching months, making your home temperature favorable. It may break down or fail to operate optimally if not regularly maintained or given attention. Let’s explore why your AC might be making strange noises:

You Have Electrical Problems

A continuous clicking noise from your AC unit indicates electrical issues that need attention. The cause is likely to be a relay trying to initiate but fail. These could impact the capacitor, control board or thermostat.

There Is a Refrigerant Leakage

Your AC has a refrigerant that helps cool the air around your house. When you discover a hissing or bubbling sound from your air conditioner, the refrigerant might be leaking. This will reduce the AC’s efficiency and may result in a complete breakdown.

Your AC Has Freezing Challenges

Ice accumulation in your AC can cause it to make a funny buzzing noise, reducing its efficiency. Additionally, incorrect thermostat settings, low levels of the AC’s refrigerant, and poor draining can cause this noise, affecting your AC’s functionality.

Problems With the AC Fan

Your air conditioner’s condenser fan circulates air from the outdoor unit, making it function efficiently. The buzzing sound may come from an unbalanced condenser fan blade, a faulty motor or a dirty condenser coil.

Your AC Compressor Is Faulty

A compressor is one of the vital components of your AC. A faulty compressor may make a rattling or banging noise. In most cases, you will need to change the compressor or replace the entire AC unit.

There Are Dirt Particles Stuck in Your Condenser

A rattling sound from your air conditioning unit can be caused by stuck debris from leaves, dust and other filth. If you have an AC unit outside your home, small leaves and dry flowers from the surrounding bushes can get inside the unit and get stuck.

Immediately addressing these AC issues is crucial. For expert solutions in Wheeling, IL and surrounding areas, contact CSL Climate Control Company. Our certified technicians provide top-quality HVAC services, including heating, indoor air quality, and ventilation.

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