Will Sleeping With the Windows Open Save Energy?

April 18, 2022

Will Sleeping With the Windows Open Save Energy?

Home cooling costs often account for as much as 50% of the average homeowner’s energy bill. Although opening your windows to let the cool, nighttime air in might seem like the easiest and most practical choice, it’s not always the best energy-saving strategy. There are a few important things to consider before opening the windows in your home.

You’ll Lose the Benefit of Air Filtration

Your air conditioner helps you maintain a sufficiently high indoor air quality (IAQ). When it’s turned off and the windows are open, you’ll likely breathe in a number of airborne particulates that would have otherwise been filtered out. This can be especially problematic during times of high pollen, if you live near active construction or a busy freeway. You’ll both breathe better and sleep better when the air conditioner is on and the indoor air is constantly being filtered.

Your Air Conditioner Provides Humidity Control

When your air conditioner is turned off, humidity control is lost as well. This could be a huge issue for residents and the actual building if the indoor or outdoor air is especially humid, or if there are other factors that make your home more predisposed to mold development. In the summer, many homes are just as reliant on their air conditioners for humidity control as they are for cooling.

Proper A/C System Maintenance

Air conditioners that are professionally serviced at least once each year use far less energy when doing their jobs. Regularly changing your HVAC air filter and clearing dust, dirt, and other debris off of vents, air registers, or grills can help your unit as well. This will allow your system to function properly so that opening the windows doesn’t become necessary.

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