What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need for My Home?

May 13, 2021
Lennox air conditioner

When it’s time to replace or upgrade the air conditioning system in your Wheeling, IL, home, one of the top considerations will be the size of the cooling system you need. Air conditioner sizes are measured in British thermal units. The size of the AC unit your house needs is primarily based on its square footage, but there are a few other factors to keep in mind as well.

1. Determine Your Home’s Square Footage

In Wheeling, a typical house needs about 20 BTU per square foot of space for optimal air conditioning power. If you’re not sure of how many square feet your home is, you can use a tape measure to measure the length and width of each room. Multiply those numbers to get the square footage of each room and hallway, then add up the numbers to get your house’s total square footage. The blueprints or tax assessment for your property may also contain this information.

2. Account for Features Unique to Your Home

The amount of insulation in your house affects the rate of unwanted air exchange with the outdoors. Large windows and single-pane windows also increase your residence’s cooling load. Houses with tall ceilings and open floor plans require a bigger air conditioner.

3. Consider a Professional Load Calculation

To be certain of what size AC unit you need, consider having certified technicians do a load calculation for you. A precise load calculation takes into account your home’s type of insulation, exterior building materials, ductwork, number of stories or levels, exposure to sun and shade, type and number of windows, and more. The technicians can then make recommendations for several models of air conditioners that would be the right size or capacity to efficiently cool your house.

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