What is Radiant Heating?

March 9, 2021
Radiant Heating Floor

When it’s time to replace your Elk Grove Village, IL, home’s heating system, you’ll have a lot of options. If you’re adding onto your home or remodeling, you may also wonder what type of heating system is best for your new living space. Radiant heating is an effective way to heat your home, and it doesn’t require ducts. Here’s what you need to know about what radiant heating is so that you can make an informed decision about your indoor comfort.

What Radiant Heat Transfer Is

Radiant heating is a type of infrared energy. It’s the effect you feel when a hot surface radiates heat across the room. For example, when you turn on the burner of a glass cooktop and hold your hand 12 inches above the surface, you feel radiant heat. The heat energy is directly delivered to nearby objects and people.

Types of Radiant Heating Systems

There are several types of radiant heating systems. The most popular type is radiant floor heating. Some of these systems use electric wires in the flooring. Others use heated water that is pumped through tubes in the floor. They can be installed “wet” or in concrete. They can also be installed “dry,” which is in the space between the flooring and foundation.

Advantages of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating uses little electricity. It works well with flooring materials that don’t insulate. Some of the best flooring options to use with radiant heating include ceramic tiles, vinyl, linoleum, and hardwood. Radiant heating systems have a fast response time. They can also help prevent pipes from freezing.

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