What Is a Ductless Mini-Split HVAC?

October 20, 2020

Ductless mini-split systems are one of the newer heating and cooling options for your home in Wheeling, Illinois. Unlike a traditional HVAC system, a ductless mini-split system gives you the option to control the temperature in any room without wasting energy to heat and cool unoccupied areas. While these ductless options are more common in multi-family residences, they also have applications in businesses and single-family homes.

It’s All in the Name

If you are not familiar with the world of heating and cooling, you may be wondering what the difference between a ductless mini-split and a traditional HVAC system is. All you have to do is look at the name to realize the most glaring difference.

A traditional HVAC system uses a single outdoor unit that pulls air from the outside and either heat or cools it. Then, the system pushes it through a network of air ducts throughout your home. Conversely, a ductless mini-split, which still uses an outdoor air handler, does not require a twisting network of air ducts to reach every area of your home. Instead, ductless mini-splits allow you to use the indoor air handler for the room you’re occupying in conjunction with the outdoor handler.

What Are the Benefits?

The primary benefit of a ductless mini-split is the ability to control the temperature in individual spaces. In larger homes like multi-story dwellings, there may not be a need to have every room on every floor heated or cooled. Ductless mini-splits allow you to control the temperature of the zone you are in without wasting electricity heating and cooling the rooms you’re not using.

Even if you decide that a ductless mini-split isn’t the right choice for your home, CSL Climate Control Company can meet your heating and cooling needs. In addition to ductless mini-splits, we also offer traditional heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and repairs, along with a wide variety of indoor air quality options. Call CSL Climate Control Company today to see how we can make your home more comfortable and efficient.

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