Tips for End-of-Summer Maintenance on Your Air Conditioner

August 10, 2021
End of Summer AC Maintenance in Wheeling, IL

Summer is nearing the end, and the fall season is just around the corner. Taking some extra time to do end-of-summer maintenance on your air conditioner is a great way to stay proactive. Following a few maintenance tips can boost the lifespan of your air conditioner while also helping you avoid repair work in the future. Here are a few end-of-summer maintenance tips to remember for your air conditioner.

Replace Air Filters

An air conditioner works hard throughout the summer months to keep your home feeling cool and comfortable. Over this time, an air filter will get dirty and will cause your system to operate less effectively. Replacing your air filter minimizes wear and tear on your system while also improving the quality of indoor air. Writing down the date you replace your air filter is a great way to stay organized, and it’s often recommended to replace your filter every two to three months.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

Another way to keep your system well-maintained is to do some yard work around your outdoor unit. Keeping weeds and other types of plants away from your unit will help you keep it from overheating while also keeping it much cleaner. Periodically cleaning your outdoor unit will make this job much easier instead of waiting a long time to perform this task.

Modify Your Thermostat

The cooler temperature during the fall season is a great way to save on your utility bill. However, it’s important to adjust your thermostat settings to account for the changing of the seasons. A programable thermostat gives you the flexibility to set your temperature in advance, which can save you even more money on your utility bill.

Schedule Inspection

Scheduling an HVAC inspection near the end of summer is always a great choice for homeowners. These professionals will ensure everything is working correctly while making any adjustments to boost the efficiency of your system.

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