If you are looking for radiant heat repair in Arlington Heights, IL, then trust the experts at CSL Climate Control Company to take care of it. Our team has the experience of providing residents with the best in-home comfort, including providing them with a radiant heating installation. Radiant heating is a system that forgoes ducts and uses little energy while also saving you money on your energy bill.

    Radiant Heating Repair & Installation in Arlington Heights, IL

    Our team can provide you with efficient heat that radiates from your walls, ceiling, or floors. We have multiple options available including air-based, water, or electric-powered radiant heating. If you already have radiant heating and need a repair, or you want to install it in your home, contact us today.

    Radiant Heating Repair Experts in Arlington Heights

    Radiant heating radiates heat into your home rather than blowing it from a vent. So, you’ll be able to feel its effects almost immediately. However, proper maintenance is still key in making sure it works properly as well as helping you prevent the need for frequent repairs. Radiant Heating Repair Experts in Arlington HeightsHaving your system maintained by our team of experts once a year is the way to go. We’ll check the heat source, clean it down and test it to make sure no issues are present. However, whether you have it regularly maintained or not, issues can still occur.

    If you have spotted any of these issues, contact us today for an immediate radiant heating repair:
    • Notice spots where it’s cold
    • Your energy bill has dramatically increased
    • It takes too long to heat your home
    • You notice strange smells

    Your Local Radiant Heating Installation Team

    CSL Climate Control Company is here to help the residents of Arlington Heights and the nearby area in keeping a nice warm house. While we also offer other services for your home comfort, radiant heating provides an exciting opportunity for more customizability in your home. We are here to help keep your system working or offer you a radiant heating installation. We’ll gladly show you what we have available and what version of the system will work best for your home. Whatever our job is, we will do everything we can to ensure your full satisfaction. That means doing the job right the first time around. You won’t have to schedule a follow-up appointment because we’ll have taken care of any possible issues.

    If you are a resident in need of a radiant heating repair in Arlington Heights, contact CSL Climate Control Company today. We always make sure our customer’s homes are nice and toasty.

    Radiant heating is also available in Buffalo Grove, Lake Zurich, and Schaumberg.