Radiant Floor Heating: What Can Go Wrong?

January 20, 2023
Radiant Floor Heating in Wheeling, IL

For efficient, uniform heating in your Wheeling, Illinois home, radiant floor heating is an excellent choice. Noiseless, non-allergenic, and requiring virtually no maintenance, radiant, in-floor heat can add value to your property and increase its marketability. However, despite these and many other benefits, it’s not impervious to problems. The following are several issues that users can experience, along with a few tips for resolving them.

Issues at the Wall-Mounted Thermostat

Radiant floor heat is controlled by a wall-mounted thermostat. If this component malfunctions or fails, the entire heating system will stop working. However, this is true of all residential heating systems. With radiant floor heat, possible thermostat issues include:

  • A failure to close properly
  • Insufficient voltage or no voltage at all
  • General wear and the end of a thermostat’s lifespan

You may be able to troubleshoot your thermostat by checking and resetting its circuit breaker or by replacing the related fuse. If this doesn’t work, give us a call.

Problems With the Heating Mat or Heating Cable

Radiant floor heating systems can last 20 years or more. As these systems near the ends of their lifespans, some of their internal components may fail. Problems with the heating mat or heating cable could be an indication of age-related wear if your heating system is 15 years old or older. However, if these issues occur early in a system’s lifespan, the most likely cause is a manufacturing defect.

These components are located just between the finished flooring and the subfloor. As such, they should only be accessed, inspected, and replaced or repaired by a licensed professional.

The Zone Valve Has Malfunctioned

Zone valves in radiant floor heating systems regulate the flow of water. These components are soldered to the copper hot water supply pipes that lead to the heating coil. You may have a defective zone valve if you aren’t getting enough heat, if your rooms are being heated unevenly, or if there’s evidence of a leak. As zone valves near the ends of their lifespans, they may cause heating systems to emit audible banging, clanging, or hammering sounds.

Radiant floor heating systems are among the easiest heating systems to maintain. Once installed, they don’t require the constant care that forced-air heating systems do. In most cases, homeowners only need to report suspected problems as they arise and obtain timely repair or replacement services as needed.

We offer heat pump, furnace, boiler, and air conditioner services. We also provide indoor air quality services and radiant floor heating. If you’re ready to add radiant heat to your home or if you need in-floor heating repairs, give CSL Climate Control Company a call.

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