CSL Climate Control Company is the place to go if you need any kind of work done on your furnace in Bartlett, IL. But our expertise doesn’t end at furnaces. Our technicians are also experts when it comes to heat pumps, boilers, radiant heating systems, and both central and ductless mini-split air conditioning systems.

    That expertise enables us to offer our customers a full range of repair, installation, and maintenance services for all of these systems. Below is some information about how and why we’re the HVAC company that can do it all.

    Expert Heating and Cooling Repair

    Virtually any part of an HVAC system can break down for an array of reasons. If you’ve noticed that your heater or AC unit is making strange noises or not turning on altogether, it’s time to call for a repair.

    Technicians can handle a wide range of repair tasks, including:
    • Cleaning or unfreezing AC or heat pump coils
    • Stopping refrigerant leaks
    • Flushing or replacing corroded boiler or heating system pipes
    • Plugging floor radiant heating system leaks
    • Fixing heat exchangers, blower motors, heat pump reversing valves, and other critical parts

    Not only can we fix all important heating and cooling system components, but we’re proud to offer our repair services to customers on a 24/7 basis. No one can expect their HVAC system to only fail at convenient times. When malfunctions happen, they can be extremely stressful. That’s why our technicians will respond to any repair call, made at any time of day, as soon as possible.

    Bartlett Furnace and AC Installation

    The next important class of services we provide revolves around installation. Installation jobs tend to be more difficult and time-consuming, especially if you need to install a complex central furnace or air conditioning system. Such systems involve a complex network of ducts meant to spread air throughout your home after it has been either heated or cooled.

    Technicians often recommend opting for new system installation when it’s no longer worthwhile to repair or maintain the old unit. This usually happens to HVAC systems naturally after about 15 to 20 years of service. However, other issues may also prompt the decision. For example, the frequency and cost of repairs may have grown so high that replacing your equipment outright may actually save you money in the long run.

    CSL Climate Control Company also installs other products besides traditional central HVAC systems. Radiant heating systems are complex to install, as they require placing pipes and heating panels alongside or inside of your floor, walls, or ceiling.

    Still, our team has the skills to do the job. The same goes for boilers and systems that use heat pumps instead of traditional furnaces. If you’d rather not have a network of air ducts in your house and would prefer to be able to divide your living space into a series of specially designated cooling zones, we can install a ductless mini-split for you.

    Lastly, it goes without saying that HVAC installation is essential for any newly built structure. We can install new systems in both commercial and residential properties.

    Regular Maintenance Is Important

    Our team at CSL Climate Control Company provides exceptional HVAC maintenance services. For your furnace, this might involve cleaning out accumulated dirt and soot from various parts of the unit. Over time, partial combustion can leave soot behind on all sorts of system components.

    Without a thorough and regular cleaning, this soot accumulation will cause performance declines. AC maintenance might involve cleaning coils and checking refrigerant lines for rust. In general, maintenance of all heating and cooling systems may require lubricating and tightening parts, changing filters, and so on. We’re ready to tune up your equipment in any way necessary to keep it functioning at its best.

    For the best furnace and AC service team in Bartlett, call CSL Climate Control Company today and schedule an appointment.