Heat Pump or Furnace: Which Is Best for Your Illinois Home?

January 12, 2022
Heat Pump vs Furnace in Wheeling, IL

Midwestern winters get cold and stay that way for months. A high-quality heating system is crucial for making it through the winter. Two popular heating systems in this area are heat pumps and gas furnaces. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between the two and help you decide which is a better option for your unique circumstances.

Furnace Basics

A furnace burns fuel, typically natural gas, to create heat for your home that is shuttled from room to room via a vent system. Though not as efficient as a heat pump, furnaces have come a long way, and technology has gotten them pretty close. Maintenance requirements are low since the unit isn’t used all year round, but a furnace can sometimes be pricey to run. Another drawback is the risk for a carbon monoxide leak, though with proper tune-ups, the risk of this is low.

Heat Pump Basics

A heat pump works kind of like an air conditioner in reverse, moving warm air into your home to heat it instead of creating heat itself. In the summer months, your heat pump can reverse this process and act as an air conditioning unit. They’re energy efficient, often costing less to run than a furnace. With no fuel-combustion, there’s no risk for carbon monoxide poisoning either.

Sadly, they’re not the best for a cold climate like the one we have in Illinois. You’ll likely need a backup heating method installed for times of extremely low temperatures.

Which Is Right for You?

Though both a heat pump and a furnace accomplish the same task of heating your home, they each have their own advantages and drawbacks. Heat pumps are more expensive upfront, but they typically cost less to run. They also save space since they double as an AC unit. However, since the weather in our area is far from mild, it might be wiser to invest in a high-quality furnace.

If you’re in need of quality heating solutions in Wheeling or anywhere else in the Wheeling, IL, area, our experts at CSL Climate Control Company are here for you with a range of options from heat pumps and furnaces to radiant heat and mini-split systems. Our service offerings include both air conditioning and heating installation, repair and maintenance as well as indoor air quality improvement solutions. Give us a call today to discuss your options and to set up an appointment.

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