Does Closing Upstairs Air Vents Save Money?

May 17, 2022
Closing Vents in Wheeling, IL

Summer is approaching, and you may want to find a way to cut down on your energy expense. However, one thing you should not do is to close off the upstairs air vents. You may not venture upstairs much, but if you own a single-speed air conditioner, it will behoove you to keep the vents open.

Your AC Is Meant for Your Home’s Specific Size

When installing ACs, professionals make sure the AC is the right size for the home it will cool. ACs blow out at one speed and one pressure with the intention of cooling all rooms simultaneously. Therefore, closing off a vent or two will throw off the balance.

Some think that closing vents will cause more air to enter the other rooms and cool them sooner, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The air that should have gone to the rooms you closed will more likely escape through leaks in the ducts. In any event, it will also increase pressure in the system and may cause the AC to overheat.

Increased Wear on the Air Conditioner

Meanwhile, the return vents in the closed rooms will still send warm air to the AC, and the AC will continue to run insofar as there’s warm air to remove from the home. This is true even if you’re already feeling comfortable in the room you’re in. The return vents may start to take air from surrounding rooms, too, to feed into the AC. Consequently, those rooms will be less comfortable, and you’re once again left with unsatisfactory, uneven cooling. This continual running of the AC will drain your wallet and drain the system itself of life. Even with maintenance, it may not last beyond a decade.

Hire Our NATE-Certified Technicians

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