Can I Heat My House With Radiant Heat?

December 13, 2023
HVAC and radiant heating services

When you hear the words “radiant heating,” you may think only about the luxury of toasty toes on cold floors. But have you wondered if you can heat your whole house with radiant floor heating? Read on for the answer.

Can You Heat a House With Radiant Heating?

The short answer is yes! Although radiant heating is generally room-specific for kitchens and bathrooms to focus on a warm floor for bare feet, radiant floor heating is a feasible and effective way to heat your entire home.

These types of systems provide heat to walls and even ceilings of a house. Radiant heat transfer, heat supplied directly from a room’s hot surface using infrared radiation, is what makes it possible to heat the entire house.

How Does Radiant Heating Work?

A radiant heating system is installed right into the floor and heats water or electricity via an infrastructure of pipes. Buried within the floor, these electric wires or hot water tubes radiate heat that moves upward throughout the room with heat waves that warm objects and open spaces along the way. Instead of noisy vents or dusty ductwork, you’ll get quiet heating that is evenly distributed.

Contrast this with forced air heating like most U.S. homes have. Heat blasting out of a vent moves up to the ceiling quickly, cools down, and falls back to the floor. That’s why your upper body may feel warm at the same time your feet are freezing.

What Are the Benefits of Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating is more energy efficient than other types of heating. That’s because it works on an on-demand basis, so you waste less. It uses heat’s natural ability to rise and generate more heat using less energy.

Although it may be costly to install, radiant heating can save you money with lower heating bills for a long time to come.

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