5 COOL Facts About Air Conditioning

July 16, 2020

Due to the invention of air conditioners, people can enjoy summers a lot more than in the past. While air conditioners have become ubiquitous, there are some facts most people don’t know about them. The following are five cool facts about air conditioning you probably don’t know.

1. Air Conditioners Weren’t Created for the Comfort of People

The first air conditioner was invented for a New York City publishing firm. The purpose was to protect paper and ink from high heat and humidity. Invented in 1902, it was termed an air conditioner in 1906.

2. Movie Theaters Used to be the Coolest Places Around

Movie theater owners were among the first businesses to install air conditioners. They did this to fill seats during the hot summer months. Almost nobody had air conditioners in their homes, so this plan worked, and it worked very well.

3. Air Conditioners Do More Than Create Cool Air

In addition to producing cool air, air conditioners also remove humidity from a building. Lower humidity makes your home more comfortable. You should set the fan to “Auto” instead of “On” so moisture isn’t blown back into your home when the air conditioner isn’t operating.

4. Air Conditioning Became a Car Option in 1939

Packard Motor Company was the first auto manufacturer to offer an air conditioning system in its cars. It wasn’t a popular option with car buyers because it was an expensive option and the system took up half of the space in the trunk.

5. Southern States’ Populations Grew Thanks to Air Conditioning

Before air conditioning, southern states were sparsely populated due to the heat. People in the north were more willing to move south once they had access to air conditioning in their homes and at work.

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