HVAC services in Antioch, IL, are essential for maintaining high-functioning heating and cooling equipment. Whether you need a new furnace or air conditioning unit installed, require urgent HVAC system repairs, or need help staying on top of ongoing equipment maintenance, CSL Climate Control Company is the company to call.

    We proudly serve residents of Antioch and the surrounding area with superior workmanship, timely responses to service requests, and total transparency. From correctly sizing and installing new heaters and ACs to ensuring lasting and optimal performance, we do it all.

    Furnace and AC Repair

    HVAC services for furnace and air conditioner repair restore heating and cooling performance when problems manifest. This way, you can safely remain in your Antioch home on the hottest and coldest days of the year. If your heating equipment is running but isn’t providing adequate heat, you can schedule our repair service to find out why and resolve the underlying problem.

    Heater repair services prevent common wear and maintenance issues:
    • Faulty limit switches
    • Broken or malfunctioning thermostats
    • Dirty thermocouples
    • Faulty ignition switches
    • Damaged blower motors

    Whether you have blocked HVAC air ducts or your heater is making strange sounds and emitting foul smells, scheduling repairs will restore comfort and safety to your home. When you schedule a repair service as soon as the first signs of problems rear their heads, you can tackle the issues quickly. Professional repairs can lower your home energy bills and extend the lifespan of your heating equipment.

    If your air conditioner is acting up, you can schedule HVAC services to prevent minor problems from spiraling out of control. When air conditioning equipment short cycles, overheats, freezes over, or fails to regulate indoor humidity, our HVAC technicians can find out why and provide model-specific solutions.

    HVAC Services for Equipment Installations

    When the time comes to have new heating and cooling equipment installed in your Antioch home, only a professional can size it correctly. HVAC service for new equipment installations begins with the performance of a Manual J load calculation.

    This calculation accounts for a variety of household and lifestyle-specific factors, including how much insulation is present, your ceiling height, the number of heat-generating appliances in the building, and your household size. Our HVAC installers use this calculation to ensure that air conditioners and heaters are neither too large nor too small for their intended service areas.

    After we’ve selected your new furnace or air conditioner, we’ll install its indoor and outdoor components and hard-wire it into your electrical system. Next, we’ll connect your central furnaces and air conditioners to your existing HVAC air ducts and refine your air ducts if necessary. When we’re done installing new equipment, we turn heaters and air conditioners on, test them, and show our clients how to use and maintain them.

    Antioch Furnace and AC Maintenance

    Taking good care of furnaces and air conditioners is essential for preserving the protections supplied by manufacturer warranties, home warranty agreements, and home insurance plans. Annual heater and AC tune-ups include thorough testing and inspection of all indoor and outdoor equipment, replacement of worn or damaged parts, thermostat testing and calibration, and more. Annual HVAC service optimizes the efficiency of furnaces and air conditioners, ensures their safety, and promotes reliable performance.

    We provide world-class HVAC services to residents of Antioch and the surrounding communities. We offer and install top-rated home heating and cooling equipment, and we’re always available for timely maintenance and repairs. With our help, you can maintain a safe, comfortable living environment while limiting your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

    Our precision tune-up services provide impressive indoor air quality (IAQ) improvements and limit the likelihood of problems. From catching and correcting minor issues to increase cooling and heating capacities, we make indoor spaces safer and more enjoyable all around.

    To schedule HVAC service in Antioch, get in touch with CSL Climate Control Company today.