Fixing Uneven Heating in Your Home

October 15, 2019

Fixing Uneven Heating in Your HomeHaving even heat in your home can make it a pleasant space in which to spend time. If you’re noticing that one of your rooms is cold while others are hot, there are steps that you can take to fix the uneven heating in your home. Regardless of the age of your home or the style of your heating system, you deserve to have a comfortable residence.

Run the Fan

The default setting for most heaters is to have the fan on “auto.” In this setting, the fan only runs when the heater is turned on and heating. If you turn the fan setting to “on,” it will stay running even when not actively heating. This will move warm and cold air around different rooms and keep everything more even.

Check for Vent Obstructions

Take a moment to locate the various vents in each room. If you have a large piece of furniture or other obstruction in front of a vent, it could be keeping warm air from entering a room. Clear away all objects to ensure maximum airflow.

Use a Zoned Heating System

There are several styles of heaters that will allow you to customize the temperature in different rooms of your home. A mini-split ductless system is one example that doesn’t use a central heating system. You can also use space heaters for rooms that aren’t getting enough heat from your main heating system.

Your Heating Experts

The team from CSL Climate Control Company is ready to help with any job in Wheeling that involves a heater. Our NATE-certified technicians are highly experienced. Additionally, our work is backed with a 10-year warranty. We’re highly experienced with heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance. We can also work with air handlers, furnaces, boilers, mini-split ductless systems, radiant heating, and air quality systems. We can install humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners and ventilators to ensure you have clean air to breathe, too.

Learn more about how we could help with your uneven heating needs by calling CSL Climate Control Company today.
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